About Us

About Pegasus Sports Performance

“This is the greatest contribution to athletic training in 25 years”

We are a sports science company focused on the development of motion analytic technologies that significantly improve the ability of athletes and coaches to optimize training, improve performance and reduce injury risk. Our products and services include cloud-based, enterprise and other applications that use algorithmic software to analyze and interpret complex motions. Our software is derived from biomechanical research and bioinformatics developed by our research partners at UCLA’s Wireless Health Institute.

We provide the first performance advancement system that is based on fundamental science and validation from elite athletes. This is the first system that guides an athlete to advanced performance.

Our initial products and services are designed for runners and their coaches. Deficiencies in running mechanics negatively impact a runner’s performance and increase the likelihood of injury. Our software is the first technology that can analyze motion signals from smart sensors to identify and measure defects in a runner’s stride. Runners and coaches will be able to use this data to correct these deficiencies, which can improve running economy and lead to increased endurance and/or speed, and reduce the risk of injury. We have additional product offerings under development that will apply similar methodologies to analyze athletic performance using smart sensors.

The Pegasus Smart Training System takes athletic training to a whole new level.